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Healthy People

Expanding access to care for all people

Blood pressure or cholesterol tests can only tell us a part of the community health story. The health of a community and its residents can be measured by its access to the health care resources, fresh foods, and healthy environments they need to thrive, regardless of age, income or insurance status.

These programs help to ensure every community member has access to the high-quality care they deserve regardless of insurance status.

team of employees working


The Kaiser Permanente Southern California Grants Program provides support to nonprofit organizations, government entities, and other institutions.

doctor with child

Medi-Cal Programs

The California Medi-Cal program provides health care coverage for some of the most vulnerable populations in the state and Kaiser Permanente participates in the Medi-Cal program to provide high quality care to enrolled beneficiaries in most counties currently served by the health plan.

doctor with children

Medical Financial Assistance Program

Our Medical Financial Assistance program (MFA) provides temporary financial assistance for qualifying patients who need help paying for care or medication they receive in Kaiser Permanente's medical facilities.

Access to Care

Safety Net Partnership

To reduce disparities in health care and in keeping with our mission to improve the health of the communities we serve, Kaiser Permanente Southern California provides support for community clinics, public hospitals, and local health departments.

group photo of interns

Summer Youth Employment Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program gives underserved high schoolers the opportunity to explore future possibilities and gain valuable skills through supportive and meaningful employment in health care.

Healthy Environments

Cultivating a world of health

Kaiser Permanente supports partners and programs that teach, inspire, and encourage healthy communities for the people and by the people who live there. For example, we’ve helped to establish weekly farmers’ markets in our neighborhoods, provided education about nutrition, and created better environments for exercise and play.These programs help to ensure every community member has access to the high-quality care they deserve regardless of insurance status.

Healthier communities begin with providing access to the foods, activity and support vital to an environment where good health can flourish.

community health fair

Center For Healthy Living

When a community asks for assistance with health education and instruction, Kaiser Permanente has the relevant materials available. Regional Health Education provides hand-outs, tip sheets, and posters focusing on prevention and healthier living as well as programs, trainings, and technical assistance in English and Spanish.

child eating and smiling


At Kaiser Permanente we believe building healthy communities is integral to our mission: “To provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.” Our Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) program is one of the many ways that we demonstrate this commitment throughout Southern California.

Kids swimming

Operation Splash

We all love a good splash. To promote water safety and encourage exercise, Kaiser Permanente partners with cities in Southern California to offer Operation Splash, which provides free swim lessons for low-income youth and adults and free junior lifeguard training.

group photo of interns

Summer Youth Employment Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program gives underserved high schoolers the opportunity to explore future possibilities and gain valuable skills through supportive and meaningful employment in health care.

Kids Playing Soccer

Thriving Schools

Helping students, staff and teachers focus on making healthy choices through initiatives like improved school lunches and greater opportunities for physical activity.

Sharing Knowledge

Investing in the future of care

Kaiser Permanente has a long legacy of sharing our most valuable resources: Our knowledge and our talented professionals. Through our programs, we encourage healthy communities and nonprofit organizations to work toward a world where wellness is a priority, nobody falls through the cracks, and everyone has access to health care.

From research to uncover disparities in care to training the next generation of health care professionals, these programs expand our ability to heal.

doctor on computer

Advanced Practice and Allied Health Care Educational Programs

The Southern California Department of Professional Education (DPE) offers educational programs for allied health care providers throughout Southern California.

Image of Anesthesia Tech.

Anesthesia Technologist Program at Pasadena City College

Kaiser Permanente has partnered with Pasadena City College to develop the first anesthesia technologist community college associate degree program in the nation.

Clinicians talking

Clinical Psychology Internship Training Program

The Clinical Psychology Internship Program transitions interns from students to professionals by providing training in the roles and functions of clinical psychologists.

physicians talking

Community Medicine Fellowship

The Community Medicine Fellowship (CMF) is implemented by Southern California Residency Program’s to provide care for underserved populations.

woman giving award

Deloras Jones Nursing Scholarship

The Deloras Jones Nursing Scholarship program provides financial assistance for students enrolled in any California nursing program.

research lab

Department of Research & Evaluation

Scientists and project staff in the Department of Research & Evaluation collaborate with Kaiser Permanente Southern California physicians, clinicians, and leadership. Together they address real-world clinical questions that arise in practice, developing solutions to improve how care is delivered to our members.

imaging machine tech

Diagnostic Technology Training

Students enrolled in local community college diagnostic imaging programs -- including radiologic technology, ultrasound and nuclear medicine -- can complete their clinical rotations, a requirement for certification, at one of Kaiser Permanente facilities in Southern California.

student doing homework

Educational Outreach Program

Focused on preventing dropouts, the EOP provides education and support services in both English and Spanish to children and parents after school or on Saturdays.

STD theatre performance

Educational Theatre

Educational Theatre (ET) uses live theatre, music, comedy and drama to inspire children, teens and adults to make healthier choices and better decisions about their well-being.

Training of physicians

Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education provides training and education for medical residents in a variety of specialties throughout Southern California.

Physician talking to kids

Hippocrates Circle

The Hippocrates Circle program instills in young people of underrepresented minorities and both genders the awareness that a career in medicine, specifically as a physician, is possible.

nurse and doctor walking

Narrowing the Student Nurse Preparation Practice Gap

Imagine the confidence that comes at the beginning of your nursing career when you’ve already gained valuable clinical experience.

nurse and doctor

Nursing Research Program

The Nursing Practices Research Program offers nurses in Southern California, the opportunity to engage in research on nursing practice, patient care, and patient outcomes in order to improve clinical practices.

doctor with baby

Oliver Goldsmith Scholarship Program

Twelve scholarships are awarded annually to medical students who have demonstrated commitment to diversity though community service, clinical volunteerism, leadership, or research.

orthopedic sports

Orthopedic Fellowship in Sports Rehabilitation

The Kaiser Permanente Orthopaedic Fellowship in Sports Rehabilitation Program provides education in the specialty area of sports physical therapy and rehabilitation.

pharmacists discussing

Pharmacy Residency Programs

Our Pharmacy Resident Post-graduate Training provides one- and two-year programs that enable licensed pharmacists to expand their scope-of-practice and further their careers as they gain valuable training in pharmaceutical care and administrative services.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy Orthopaedic Residency

Graduates of the Physical Therapy Orthopaedic Residency are eligible to sit for their board certification examination in orthopaedic physical therapy, and apply to participate in a physical therapy fellowship program.

group of clinicians

School of Anesthesia for Nurses

The Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia for Nurses provides graduate-level education for nurse anesthetists in partnership with California State University Fullerton.

spine rehabilitation

Spine Rehabilitation Fellowship

This fellowship program provides education in the specialty area of spine physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Picture of intern

Undergraduate Internships

Our programs provide under-represented diverse college youth with multiyear pipeline internships in a health care setting. These Interns gain real-world business and health care experience while building leadership skills.

Watts Counseling and Learning Center

The Watts Counseling and Learning Center is a nonprofit Community Benefit program of Kaiser Permanente Southern California. Since 1967, the Center has provided counseling, outreach, and educational services to the residents of the Watts community.