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Summer Youth Employment Program

Welcome to the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), an internship opportunity specifically designed for high school students. Our program aims to provide underserved, underrepresented, low-income, and minority students with valuable employment experiences in the healthcare field.

Through the support of our Community Benefit fund, we offer young individuals the chance to work within various departments of our organization during the summer months. This provides interns a supportive environment to learn and grow; as well as allows them the opportunity to contribute to KP's meaningful mission of providing high-quality, affordable health care to all the communities that we are privileged to serve. 

In addition to their assigned work tasks, SYEP Interns engage in educational sessions known as "Educational Fridays." These sessions are tailored to introduce students to various career paths within Kaiser Permanente and further enhance their marketable job skills and work performance.

We take great pride in the success stories of our former Summer Youth interns who have progressed to become nurses, lab technicians, opticians, accountants, project managers, engineers, directors, department administrators, and leaders within our organization and beyond.

As an intern in our program, you will gain exposure to administrative and supporting careers within the healthcare environments. It's important to note that interns will not be involved in medical treatment or clinical procedures for patients during their internship.

Here are some key features of our Summer Youth Employment Program:

  1. Eight-week paid summer work experience: You will have the opportunity to work with us for a duration of eight (8) weeks during the summer and receive compensation.
  2. Weekly workshops: We have carefully designed workshops to provide you with personal and professional skills development. These sessions aim to equip you with valuable tools that will benefit you throughout your career.
  3. Mentorship and guidance: You will have a unique opportunity to form relationships with experienced supervisors and mentors who will provide insights and advice on how to prepare for a successful career in the healthcare industry or other industries.
  4. Networking opportunities: Through work-based activities, projects, and meetings, you will have the chance to interact with peers and senior leaders. These opportunities will help you build a strong professional network that can support your future endeavors.

Summer Youth Employment Program

393 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91188