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Graduate Medical Education

We’re strategically planning for the future by providing training and education for medical residents who have an interest in community and academic medicine. Kaiser Permanente's integrated health system provides the foundation for a learning environment grounded in the concepts of 21st Century healthcare in a team-based, inter-disciplinary setting.  Community clinics, school-based health centers and even homeless shelters serve as additional training sites for our residents, who serve a large, culturally diverse patient base, focused on preventive and primary care and chronic disease management. Offering care to the most vulnerable populations, such as low-income children and adolescents and the homeless, provides residents with experience with uninsured clients, giving them a better understanding of the barriers to health care. In addition to providing care, residents are involved in ongoing research and performance improvement projects.  We train over 300 medical residents in 22 different specialties each year, however, most medical residents study within the primary care medicine areas of family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry.