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Deloras Jones Nursing Scholarship

We want to help students with a passion for nursing overcome obstacles to follow their dreams. The Deloras Jones Nursing Scholarship provides financial assistance for students enrolled in any affiliated Southern California nursing program.

Based primarily on financial need and grade point average, these scholarships are awarded to those who have achieved academic excellence, and those pursuing graduate nursing and doctoral degrees.

Deloras Jones retired as Kaiser Permanente’s director of Divisional Nursing Services for California in 2000 after a 34-year career dedicated to professional nursing and leadership. She is the founder and of the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care in California, and Kaiser Permanente is proud to grant funding to help secure the future of the nursing profession and the health of California residents.

For more information on the Deloras Jones Nursing Scholarship, visit: https://www.scholarshipamerica.org/delorasjones/