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Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre 30th Anniversary Video

Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre actors perform 'Someone Like Me,' a bullying awareness performance.

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In March 2016, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Educational Theatre (ET) celebrated 30 years of serving our communities through performance-based programs that inspire children, teens, and adults to make informed health decisions. A part of Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit, ET offers five unique programs that address the upstream determinants of health. They rely on community health needs assessments and collaboration with health educators, community advisory committees and Kaiser Permanente physicians to inform program development. The video above provides an overview of the program’s 30 year history and current offerings.

Theatre is a powerful medium and studies show that people relate emotionally to characters played by actors better than they relate to words on a page. Educational Theatre uses the imagination, interaction and immediacy of theatre to empower and inspire audiences through stories and modeling of positive behavior.

Since 1986, ET has reached over 6.7 million people with over 25,000 performances and workshops.

To learn more about Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre, please visit http://etsoutherncalifornia.kaiserpermanente.org/