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Move It, Kid! Fire Up Your Feet Rewards Activity

Southern California schools earned more than $12,000 this past Spring for participating in Fire Up Your Feet activities.

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Southern California schools earned more than $12,000 this past Spring for participating in Fire Up Your Feet activities, which encourage kids and their families to get off the couch and out of the car, and engage in physical activities.

Your neighborhood school can get up and running too: Just visit Fire Up Your Feet, a core program of Safe Routes to School National Partnership, available to any elementary and middle school in grades K-8 nationally. Made possible in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, Fire Up Your Feet offers free resources, an online activity tracker, a school fundraising organizer and more, all aimed at increasing physical activity before, during and after school for students, parents, school staff and teachers. The National PTA is our family engagement partner.

This fall, Fire Up Your Feet is awarding more than $100,000 to participating K-8 schools in participating regions across the country. Awards will go to support Safe Routes to School and other health and wellness programs. With awards in several categories this year, schools have even more chances to win. Schools can sign up through the month of October.

  • PeopleForBikes Awards: Thanks to generous support from PeopleForBikes, we are pleased to offer an award honoring dedication to bicycling to school. The school in each region that tracks the most bicycling minutes during the Challenge will win a $500 award and a package of bicycling products and discounts.
  • Fire Up Your Walk to School Day Awards: In each region, schools with a minimum of 25 walkers at the end of the Challenge will be entered into a drawing for Fire Up Your Walk to School Awards ranging from $100 to $500. Check out our Fire Up Your Walk to School Day Award promotion tipsheet for more information.
  • Fire Up Your Feet Awards: Fire Up Your Feet awards ranging from $200 to $5,000 are available in California
  • Weekly Breakout Challenge Awards: In addition to the awards listed above, schools can compete for weekly Breakout Challenge awards in a variety of categories.

Check out the how-to videos, newsletter text, flyers and sample letters on the Fire Up Your Feet website to help get the word out. Learn more by visiting the Fire Up Your Feet website.


2014 Southern California Spring Award Recipient Schools:

Shoal Elementary School - San Diego: $5,000

Lemon Avenue Elementary School - La Mesa: $1,250

Lakeside Middle School - Irvine: $1,200 + Saris Bike Rack

Northmont Elementary School - La Mesa: $1,000

Twinhill Elementary School - Riverside: $1,000

Dailard Elementary School - San Diego: $500

Smythe Elementary School - San Ysidro: $500

Sunset Elementary School - San Ysidro: $500

Willow Elementary School - San Ysidro: $500

Eastshore Elementary School - Irvine: $300 

San Altos Elementary School - Lemon Grove: $200 

Lakeside Middle School - Norwalk: $200 

Rolando Elementary School - La Mesa: $200