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Why I March for Babies

When this little guy came into my life, I became even more passionate about prenatal care and the importance of making sure every child has a chance at a healthy start in life.

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When my sister became pregnant last year, it was a big deal. Huge. We’ve always been close, and I couldn’t wait to become an auntie. I was so grateful that she received plenty of excellent prenatal education and care.

But naturally, it also made me think about the things that can go wrong. She was in her second trimester when I heard about the March for Babies at Exposition Park, so I signed on right away. The March of Dimes works to fund programs and research that could help in the event that a pregnant woman or a new baby needs it. Just knowing that there is a safety net in place gives mothers and their families peace of mind and confidence that we are all there for them.

I marched alongside a group of nurses from Los Angeles Medical Center. We were among many Kaiser Permanente employees who came from throughout Southern California, and thousands of other people. We cheered on our fellow walkers at checkpoints throughout the 5K course – some pushing strollers, some carrying babies in backpacks, some at various stages of pregnancy, plenty who were just people who cared, like me.

I didn’t realize until I arrived at the event how many mothers, babies, and families are truly touched by this work – from the research and programs whose funding hinges on the support of non-profit organizations like March of Dimes. They were all walking on behalf of someone in particular or in honor of a cause and idea that meant so much to them. Meeting these families was extremely heartwarming as they expressed their gratitude for the help they received from the March of Dimes during a tremendously difficult time in their lives. 

Now more than ever, I’m passionate about prenatal care and the importance of making sure every child has a chance at a healthy start in life. The work the March of Dimes does goes to support making this possible for more babies in more communities, no matter the circumstances. You can bet I’ll be at the next March for Babies on April 25.

- Ashley Haglund, associate communications specialist, Integrated Brand Communications

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April 25, 2015
Exposition Park, Los Angeles