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Video: Breaking Down Barriers for Good Community Health

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Kaiser Permanente is working together with our partners across the country to make a difference in promoting healthy, thriving communities. One example is the Gateway to Growth program in Downey, California, which was developed as a way to help nonprofits and others address pressing health concerns in and around the Downey region.

A collaboration between Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Nonprofit Management, Gateway to Growth helped to facilitate different ways for non-profit, education, and government entities to come together and learn best practices, share knowledge, and leverage resources for greater impact on total health.

In Downey, there are many complex barriers to community health. However, there is also “a lot of good work happening in our communities,” says Sheri Bathurst, community benefit health manager at Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center. She adds: “If we have the ability to connect those organizations that are doing that work, we know their reach will be more impactful.”

“The Gateway to Growth program was designed to do three things,” says Regina Birdsell, president and CEO, Center for Noprofit Management. “First, to train nonprofit organizations to be more effective leaders. Second, to work together as partners. And lastly, to find one or two big initiatives that they can work on together.”

Check out the video linked above for the full story, and for ideas you can implement in your own community.