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Thriving Schools

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In the neighborhood surrounding Frank del Olmo Elementary School in Los Angeles, healthy living doesn’t always come easy. A lack of fresh foods and open space to play, common factors in the rapidly increasing childhood obesity epidemic, make instilling healthy habits tough for even the most health conscious families. With vital support from Kaiser Permanente, World Fit for Kids! is working to provide the access to fresh foods, physical activity and health education vital to creating a healthier future for kids.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve, Kaiser Permanente is partnering with leading national organizations to create a culture of health and wellness for students, staff and teachers in K-12 schools. Good school health has always been a priority for us and it’s a part of our mission to bring total health to all. With Thriving Schools, we’re deepening our involvement in the health and wellness of schools by forming partnerships that support efforts to make good health a part of everyday life.