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The “Fire Up Your Feet” Challenge Keeps Kids Active

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No need to shell out big bucks for expensive fitness trackers. School kids can register for the "Fire Up Your Feet" Spring challenge, and use the FREE online fitness tracking system. They might even walk their way to prizes of up to $5,000. The activity challenge runs from April 13 through May 15 . . . but the benefits of instilling kids with a love of physical activity can last a lifetime.

Registration is open now for all K-8 students — from public, private, parochial, and charter schools. This FREE program is a great way to incorporate fun and exercise into the day — and maybe a little competition (or not — it's plenty flexible).
Register your child today (and don't forget your grandchildren, neighbors, nieces, and nephews, too!). Then start stepping up to $5,000 for school wellness programs.

All Activity Counts

Fire Up Your Feet is more than a walking program. Wheels work too. In fact, all activity — even recess — counts toward the goals and prizes. Fire Up Your Feet encourages kids, families, teachers, and school staff to get up and go, in any way that moves them (and you).

Counting Counts, Too

The easy, online tracking system lets participants track their every move — making it interactive, fun, and goal-oriented. Workouts work best when you're counting your way toward a tangible goal — and kids can watch their progress through the counter. The Fire Up Your Feet website also offers tons of great resources to get kids and communities moving.

Get Going!

  • FORWARD this information to faculty, teachers, parents, and friends.
  • POST the fliers in your work spaces (English flier; Spanish flier).
  • SHARE the fliers with your local schools. Ask them to send them home to parents, and to post them on their web and social sites. (English flier; Spanish flier).
  • REGISTER your school community at fireupyourfeet.org and get the children in your family and neighborhood active and involved!