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Teaching Kids to Protect the Skin They’re In

A surprise trip to Aviva Family and Children's Services connects dermatology residents with Hollywood area youth.

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Teenagers are invincible, aren’t they?

Of course not, and that’s why several Kaiser Permanete Los Angeles Medical Center dermatology residents made a surprise trip to a nonprofit that serves youth and their families in Hollywood to teach about the importance of wearing sunscreen and share sunscreen samples.

"Aviva Family and Children's Services is a truly inspirational organization and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the girls and teach them the importance of sun protection. It was not only fun, but also rewarding, and we hope that our message will stay with them through the summer months and beyond," said Stephanie Chan, a dermatology resident.

Aviva Family and Children’s Services provides a comprehensive range of diverse and culturally sensitive therapeutic and educational programs to help at-risk, emotionally distressed, abused, and neglected youth and their families.