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Kenny Phin (left) poses with his mother beneath a photograph of her late parents. Click on the photo above to view the video and Kenny’s inspiring story.

Summer Program Provides a Lifeline for One Student

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Getting through high school can be a challenge. But losing two important family members and struggling with social and environmental issues during those vulnerable teenage years would cause most students to give up. But not Kenny Phin.

Kenny, whose story is illustrated in this video, is a bright young man from Long Beach, California, who overcame physical and environmental challenges early on to become an Eagle Scout, championship high school wrestler, inspirational speaker, poet, break dancer, and Kaiser Permanente Summer Youth Employment Program high school intern.

Tragedy struck during Kenny’s sophomore year in high school when he lost two important sources of nurturing and support, his maternal grandparents. Devastated, Kenny found a good outlet for his bottled up emotions by competing on the high school wrestling team, which became in essence a second family to him, and helped to encourage him through his high school years.

In spite of the obstacles he’s encountered, Kenny remains committed to achieving success through a career in health care. Currently, Kenny is a freshman at California State University, Long Beach, where he is pursuing a degree in Health Care Administration. He is also very active in his community, serving in a public affairs capacity for his multicultural fraternity and mentoring others.

This video demonstrates that with perseverance, passion, goal-setting, and hard work, many obstacles can be overcome and dreams can be attained. 

For more information about Kaiser Permanente's Summer Youth Employment Program, click here.