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Click on the photo above to view the video and Dr. Gregerson's inspiring story.

Health Care Should Never Be Out of Reach

Kaiser Permanente is committed to building partnerships with the institutions that serve on the front lines of health care for the uninsured and underserved.

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Meet Dr. Paul Gregerson who manages the John Wesley Community Health (JWCH) Institute, Inc., an urban clinic for the homeless in Downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

Imagine being without a home, living on the dangerous streets, and having to wait weeks for housing because health screening test results for tuberculosis are not readily available. Thanks to Dr. Gregerson and JWCH, one of Kaiser Permanente’s safety net partners, some of our city’s most vulnerable patients are getting the health care services they need.

“Health care is a right… [and] everyone deserves to be treated with the same respect and love we would want,” Dr. Gregerson says. He serves as a model of the philosophy that everyone deserves good health care and respect by treating every patient who visits the clinic, regardless of their ability to pay.