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Click on the photo above to view the video and Albert's inspiring story.

Getting Healthy and Keeping Fit

Thriving Schools promotes good health, better nutrition, and increased activity; improving the lives of teachers, staff, and students

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Albert Gonzales, a very motivated seventh grader at Loma Vista Middle School in Riverside, California was determined to get in shape. He experienced first-hand how poor nutrition and lack of exercise can have a negative impact on long term health. Albert joined the school’s running club to improve his health and physical fitness. Not only did this extraordinary young man adopt new, healthier habits, but he has since encouraged his mother to start jogging and eating more nutritious foods, too.  

Loma Vista Middle School is an example of a Thriving School that is making a positive impact on the health and lives of its students, teachers and staff. Thriving Schools further expands Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to total health through work with local schools and school districts to improve healthy eating, physical activity, and school environments in K-12 schools.