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‘Thank you for teaching us the rules for the pool.’

4th grader Angelina is one of dozens of Chula Vista children who sent colorful notes of appreciation to KP for Operation Splash swimming lessons at their local pools last summer

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Angelina, a fourth grade student, is one of dozens of children from Chula Vista who sent colorful drawings and notes of appreciation to Kaiser Permanente for Operation Splash swimming lessons at their local pools last summer.

Operation Splash, now in its ninth year, is a free summer program sponsored by Kaiser Permanente that teaches children and adults in low-income areas to swim.  

Angelina created a drawing of her classmates and life guard in the pool and said, “Thank you for making the soda challenge. It was a healthy thing for us.” As part of the Operation Splash program with the Friends of Chula Vista Parks and Recreation Department, children took part in the “Rethink Your Drink” program. They were encouraged to give up their sugary drinks and sodas for two weeks and drink more water.

Another student drew pictures of fish swimming and wrote: “Thank you for the best field trip ever. The swimming was so fun! I learned so much!

Not only did the students have a chance to cool off and exercise on hot summer days, they learned to swim and the basics of water safety. They all wrote about the fun they had with their instructors and classmates. Chris noted in his card, “Thank you Kaiser. You are a good friend. You are awesome.” That’s pretty high praise coming from a fourth grader.

Learn more about Operation Splash and other programs to keep kids active and healthy.