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Bright Ideas for School Wellness

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It’s the beginning of February…do you know where your motivation is?  If it’s already time for some fresh, healthy living ideas for you and your family, we’ve got them. And since schools are often “the heart of health” in a community, make Kaiser Permanente’s Thriving Schools website one of the first places you look.

Thriving Schools, a Community Benefit program in partnership with leading national organizations, is a comprehensive effort to create a culture of health and wellness in K-12 schools.

Thriving Schools has just introduced a wealth of new, low- and no-cost resources that are perfect for teachers, administrators, parents, community members – anyone who is a champion for school wellness. Many of the resources are low-cost or free – and all of them are free for the sharing. There’s even a new Thriving Schools blog where news and inspiration are posted year-round.

Check them out yourself, and forward to others who care. Now drop and give me 10…new wellness ideas, that is!