Working together to build a healthier community for all of us.

Kaiser Permanente believes when we collaborate and support each other, our work improves the quality of health and life in our communities.

We are dedicated to total health of body, mind, and spirit, and we pursue efforts that broaden access to the highest quality care for people when they need it. We believe all of us deserve to live healthy lives in our homes, our workplaces, and our neighborhoods. That’s why, for more than 70 years, we have worked to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

We accomplish this work in countless ways, from funding knowledge and resource sharing programs that address health disparities to providing assistance with health care costs to people in need. Our commitment is exhibited in the many ways we reach out and work with others to build a healthy future for all.

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There are moments that inspire. Moments that touch your heart, open your eyes or inspire action. Often a single moment can achieve all three.

Moments like these happen all the time throughout our programs and countless others like them. If you come across one of these moments, please share it here. It may just be the spark that inspires one more person to get involved.

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Our Community Investments

Our Community Investments are MAKING LIVES BETTER.

Download the 2013 Summary of Operations Report

Kaiser Permanente has been committed to the total health of the communities we live in and serve for 69 years. Our investments of almost $630 million in 2013 helped us to broaden access and improve the quality of care provided by community clinics, health departments, public hospitals, and our own charitable coverage programs.

Thriving Schools was launched in 2013 to encourage healthy choices in schools by promoting good nutrition and increasing physical activities for students, staff and teachers in grades K-12.

We support personal and environmental changes, fund medical research, share our knowledge and resources, and educate future health care providers and leaders to improve the total health of our communities.

By partnering with local organizations to provide access to the foods, activities, and high-quality care vital to good health, we continue to help communities thrive.

Want to learn more about our national Community Benefit operations? Here's a snapshot that details our 2013 $1.9 billion investment.

$629,960,513 in Total Funding and Grants

Select one of the categories below for more details:
  • Healthy People


    These programs help to ensure every community member has access to the high-quality care they deserve regardless of insurance status.

  • Healthy Environments


    Healthier communities begin with providing access to the foods, activity and support vital to an enviornment where good health can flourish.

  • Sharing Knowledge


    From research to uncover disparities in care to training the next generation of health care professionals, these expand our ability to heal.

  • Expanding access to CARE for all people

    We believe people shouldn't have to choose between groceries and getting the care they and their families need. That's why much of our community investments are devoted to providing access to quality care for the underserved and underinsured members of our community.

    • 251,345 people received subsidized health coverage
    • 58,600 people received Medical Financial Assistance
  • Cultivating a WORLD of health

    It's amazing what a neighborhood park and some fresh fruits and vegetables can do for a community. With this is mind, we continually invest in creating local environments where the decision to eat, play, and live healthy is an easy one.

  • Investing in the FUTURE of care

    We are proud of our work, but we are even more proud of our dedication to constantly improving the way we care for our community. Through research and advanced mentoring & training programs, we are creating a future of health care that is more diverse, more knowledgeable, and better equipped than ever before.

    • 213,635 adults and children reached by Educational Theatre performances
    • 1,377 Educational Theatre performances, workshops, and events

Lives Made Better

Here is a snapshot of the many ways in which Kaiser Permanente Southern California Community Benefit worked together with our partners to create healthy communities in 2013:

  • 251,345 people received subsidized health coverage
  • 58,600 people received Medical Financial Assistance
  • 213,635 adults and children reached by Educational Theatre performances
  • 1,377 Educational Theatre performances, workshops, and events
  • $10,568,548 for organizations via 526 grants and donations, and 153 event sponsorships

Leadership message

Building Healthy Communities Together

Healthy communities are at the heart of everything we do at Kaiser Permanente. Our work goes beyond taking care of you when you’re sick or hurt. We want to see you well and thriving, because healthy people create healthy communities.

We know that we’re stronger when we act together, and that’s why we value our partners: Clinics, hospitals and nonprofit organizations that help our most vulnerable populations, government agencies, neighborhood organizers who work to create change at the local level, and you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, one of our physicians or employees, or a concerned citizen looking to improve your neighborhood.  We can work together to make our communities healthier places to live and work.

This website will inform you about Kaiser Permanente’s work with our partners to encourage healthy people and environments. It’s a place to share stories and be inspired  about volunteering, and see what good works others are doing. You will find opportunities to connect with organizations that may move you to donate your time and talents. You will also find valuable information and resources here if you are interested in applying for a grant.

Please come back often to check out all the great new stories from throughout Southern California, and feel free to share  this content with your friends, family, social networking groups, and others who may find it useful.

We invite you to be informed, be inspired, be involved.