Cultivating a world of health

Kaiser Permanente supports partners and programs that teach, inspire, and encourage healthy communities for the people and by the people who live there. For example, we’ve helped to establish weekly farmers’ markets in our neighborhoods, provided education about nutrition, and created better environments for exercise and play.

Healthy Environments

Healthier communities begin with providing access to the foods, activity and support vital to an environment where good health can flourish.

  • community health fair

    Center For Healthy Living

    When a community asks for assistance with health education and instruction, Kaiser Permanente has the relevant materials available. Regional Health Education provides hand-outs, tip sheets, and posters focusing on prevention and healthier living as well as programs, trainings, and technical assistance in English and Spanish.

  • community workout session

    HEAL & HEAL Zones

    At Kaiser Permanente we believe building healthy communities is integral to our mission: “To provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.” Our Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) program is one of the many ways that we demonstrate this commitment throughout Southern California.

  • Kids swimming

    Operation Splash

    We all love a good splash. To promote water safety and encourage exercise, Kaiser Permanente partners with cities in Southern California to offer Operation Splash, which provides free swim lessons for low-income youth and adults and free junior lifeguard training.

  • Kids Playing Soccer

    Thriving Schools

    Helping students, staff and teachers focus on making healthy choices through initiatives like improved school lunches and greater opportunities for physical activity.