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See The Numbers

Take a closer a look at the Southern California community impact in our three areas of focus by downloading our most recent community health fact sheet.

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Connect With Your Community

While you are here, we invite you to learn more about the outstanding programs happening across the region and engage in this community first hand. Here, we can share stories to inspire each other to take action and get involved. We welcome your comments and encourage you to share any of the stories, programs, or ideas on this site you find exciting, informative, or inspirational.

Kaiser Permanente is working in numerous ways to strengthen the connection between where people get care and where they live, work, and play.

Creating healthy communities is central to our mission and critical to individual health and wellness. In Southern California alone, we’ve invested almost $948 million in 2017 to help make this happen. The bulk of this investment has gone directly to programs in one of three categories: Healthy People, Healthy Environments, & Sharing Knowledge.

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente supports regional medical centers throughout Southern California in order to ensure a broad base of care and services provided to the local community through our Safety Net Partnership.

Current Funding Priorities

Safety Net Partnerships

Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to increasing the capacity of community partners to improve patient and population health. Areas of focus include: reducing obesity and obesity-related conditions; providing broader access to high-quality care; increasing public awareness of and advocating for effective responses to oral health needs, particularly in children; building awareness of mental health issues to provide better care and treatment, especially for vulnerable populations; and improving economic security in our communities.

Community Health Initiatives

Focused on transforming communities into environments that promote healthy eating and active living, these initiatives support individuals, particularly those who are low income and underserved, in making healthy lifestyle choices and preventing disease. Areas of focus include: policy and environmental change advocacy, food security, smart growth/land use, multi-sector coalitions, parks and recreation, school wellness, worksite wellness, health promotion and prevention programs.

Develop and Disseminate Knowledge

These efforts strive to educate current and future health care professionals and inform policy makers on pressing community health needs and issues. Areas of focus include: training programs, workforce diversity and pipeline programs, workforce training programs, public policy development and advocacy, health awareness, social justice, and civic engagement.

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